At 24 years old, Breezy faced a life changing decision—succumb to physical death or embrace spiritual rebirth. 


D.Breezy, or just Breezy as he is more commonly referred to, grew up in a lower middle class family in southern Illinois. Being born to a young, single, teenage mother and having his legal guardianship signed over to his grandparents was just the beginning of his long-standing emotional issues. The ensuing custody battles and misplaced resentment caused him to struggle with anger, aggression, and abandonment issues. This issues, combined with environmental struggles, led Breezy to cling to unhealthy relationships that would be the cornerstone to his downfall.


By Junior high school, Breezy found himself caught up in the wrong crowd. He found himself failing school, abusing drugs and alcohol; while also, struggling with suicidal thoughts and depression. These strongholds and patterns repeathed themselves through high school and young adult life.  


As a young adult, Breezy found himself without an outlet for his pain and frustrations, commonly looking to drugs and alcohol for his release. His recently saved wife used to drag him to church and try be an example to him; however, he refused to let go of his past and embrace the future in front of him.


At a low point in his life, Breezy found himself desperate and alone... turning to the only thing that brought him comfort. That night, in a motel outside of St. Louis, Breezy's downward spiral caught up with him.  One that August night, he overdosed on a cocktail of alcohol and pain killers. By the grace of GOD, he woke up face down on that hotel floor.  He came to realize that the GOD his wife had tried to tell him about was the only thing that kept him alive, he got on his knees and gave his life to Christ.


Adjusting a walk with Christ and discovering new outlets for his emotions, Breezy reached out to local Christian artist "C4R"  At first, he found himself leaving little bars and verses commented on C4R's Facebook page among the artist's own content, but after time... these little "challenges and battles" spawned something new.  


In 2013, C4R invited Breezy to write a verse for his upcoming album, "The Encore".  What was meant to be recording one verse, turned into two separate tracks- featuring on "I Win" and "Right Now"- then spun off into Breezy recording his first single. This was the beginning spark to a fiery passion in Breezy.  


Over the next 12 months, Breezy began to perfect his craft and align himself with other talented musicians and producers. Working alongside seasoned artists such as: Bishop Chase, C4R, SIN, JVolta and KSON, Breezy began to work on his first full length album.  His lack of experience was not a deterrent to him... before the release of his first album he had already been on stage in 3 states and opened for other talented artists. 


In April 2014, Breezy released "The Journey" (his freshman album) the same day he performed his first show in Okinawa Japan.  The album, although not a billboard chart topper, was an independent success and pushed him to continue writing and performing. Now, two years later... he has a multitude shows under his belt, an album, and army of supporters and fellow musicians pushing him as he strives to release his sophomore follow-up, "Open Your Eyes"  The new album, set to release summer 2016, has some familiar faces: C4R and Bishop Chase, but also some new fresh faces: George Moss, David Puletz, and Mimi Cruz. 



Only GOD knows what the future holds for him, but his determination and desire to see others saved is something to note. As he steps into this next stage of his life, we find ourselves stand by... watching... wondering... Whats next?




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