On the stage, Breezy's uncanny ability to deliver an impactful story overlaying heavy-hitting beats with an awesome degree of lyricism makes Breezy a powerful up-and-comer. For 3 years, Breezy toured the US and Japan with Rebirth Entertainment and Insight Music Group working with artists like Bishop Chase, KSON, C4r, David Williams, Point5, and IMG. It was no easy decision to take a hiatus in 2016 to pursue a career working with youth; however, Breezy knew what he had to do and took the step in faith.


Breezy spends his time off of the stage working with local teens. Having himself battled with struggles ranging from depression to abandonment, alcoholism to drug abuse, Breezy relates to people from all walks of life. He focuses on fostering heart change and growth in this budding generation. Breezy has performed on stages big and small all over the globe since 2013 and has worked with many renowned Artists, Producers, and Musicians but none of those tops the time he spends pouring into young students trying to navigate their life.


Rap has become such an integral form of expression to him; allowing for the opportunity to reach people he previously otherwise would not have been able to impact, in a way that he never thought possible. He has been given the chance to connect with people who are stumbling along the same paths that he has already conquered. It is a blessing to be able to share about his battles with drug abuse, theft, anger, violence, sexual promiscuity, depression, and personal loss. His story and message are music transcends all age and cultural gaps.


A great impact has been made on this break from music, but the call has always been there and that is why Breezy is coming back in 2019. Connected with Artists from Summit SM Records (Summit Sovereign Media) and a handful of talented producers, Breezy is slated to make his return in late 2019. He will be debuting his return on Icky Ike's Album, "Homecoming".

The future looks bright.


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